How to Make Money from Amazon in 2021 for Beginners (DON’T DO FBA)

How to Make Money from Amazon in 2021 for Beginners (DON’T DO FBA)

October 1, 2020 Anthony Morrison Partner With Anthony (PWA) 0

Hey, what’s up anthony morrison and in this video i’m gonna show you why you should not start an amazon store, hey! What’s up anthony morrison here and i’m glad that you stopped to watch this video. I want to talk to you today about why you should not start an amazon store now.

I already know what you’re thinking. You’re like oh, my gosh, okay, Anthony, listen, everybody’s. Talking about Amazon Amazon is huge. Why would I not want to take part in this? Why would I not want to make money from this? I get it.

I understand it. I’m gonna show you why, in just a second, the fact of the matter is is that Amazon is huge right, Amazon is massive, but what if there was a way that you could actually profit from Amazon without starting an Amazon store? You see one of the things that I find very difficult for beginners is that when you’re starting a new store and when you’re starting this whole new thing online, like you’re sitting there.

Thinking to yourself, like I got, ta go, get a tax ID number and then I’ve got to go over here and I’ve got to put together a product list. I got ta find products then, once I find the products that I can sell, I & # 39.

Ve then got to go see what everybody else is selling those products for, and I’ve got to try to beat their prices. Then I’ve got to ship all this stuff to Amazon, and I & # 39. Ve got a hope that it all makes it there and I don’t lose any products and you can see like it’s.

A lot of organization it’s, a big thing so, like all these people would say, oh just start an Amazon store. Well, I mean look the big money. Isn’t made in drop shipping from Amazon right that’s. Not where, like the big big money is made, the big money is made when you’re buying in bulk.

You’re shipping that stuff to Amazon and Amazon is shipping it out for you. We’ve done this with in the past, with our books. So I’ve written a lot of books of my very first one, the hidden millionaire.

We put it on Amazon. You can find it on Amazon right now and I’ll. Tell you! It’s, the least profitable channel. That we’ve ever used right. We’ve, put it on television, the internet web pages of all these things and Amazon is the least profitable one.

So what I want to do in this video is talk to you about why and how you can still benefit from Amazon, but not actually have to start on store. So let’s. Go to my computer, alright. So the reasons why you should not have an Amazon store, alright reason number one.

Alright is simply just the logistics. Ok, the logistics of it. These. This is a nightmare like I just said it’s, a massive massive logistical nightmare to be able to find products, get products, ship products refund customers do customer support, have shipping policies, return policies merch? All these things right, like there’s, a lot of stuff involved in shipping and do and doing business with a quote Amazon store.

The second one which i think is very important, is just simply the competition, ok, the competition. I want you to think about this, how many people are buying and selling on Amazon right now, hello when you go and you fish in a pond? Ok with a million other fishermen.

Even if there’s, a lot of fish in the pond, it’s still sometimes hard to catch a fish, because so many other people are competing with you, and so in my mind I’m thinking. Man, you got to put all this money into this, and then you’ve got to risk.

The fact that you’ve got other people that can sell at better rates than you sell for cheaper prices in you, and that can be very, very difficult and it can be just like catastrophic for your business right, so that’s.

Reason number two back to my whiteboard: let’s, talk about reason, number three and it’s. The real simple reason: it’s called money; ok, money! You have to spend a lot of money on Amazon in order to be able to make money with Amazon, and here’s.

How that works, and here’s. Why? Ok, so let’s! Just look at a breakdown like let’s say month: 1! Okay, so you & # 39! Ve got month 1 month 2 month 3 month four month, five and we’ll, just break it down into month, six, okay! So a month! These months, all right so here’s, the thing if your average profit okay, if your average profit margin on the products that you’re selling, is let’s just say it’s, 10 % for the Lack of better numbers and having to go through a bunch of things, because some products have a little bit higher profit margins and then others, but let’s just say it’s, 10 %.

So if, in month one you want to sell thousand dollars worth of products, okay and then in month, two you want to sell. Hopefully you grow a little bit. You want to sell twelve thousand dollars worth of products and let’s say month.

Three you want to get to fifteen thousand. We’ll, stop right there! Okay! So if we add that up that’s, thirty seven thousand dollars worth of products that you want to sell in the first three months, so really really simple.

Math numbers here: okay: in order for you to be able to fully see what that looks like thirty-seven thousand with the profit margin of ten percent, would mean that you would spend okay, thirty three thousand three hundred dollars on your products and you would generate thirty.

Seven thousand okay, which would give you a profit, obviously because hey look the end of the day, that’s. What we’re looking for is a profit, but it’s only like thirty seven hundred dollars. Right so think about this: if you’re spending like say month, one you got to spend $ 9,000 on product just to just to generate a one thousand dollar profit.

Okay, so guess what that means, even though you made a thousand dollars your first month, guess what, in order to have twelve thousand dollars worth of inventory for month two now? What do you have to do? You have to spin the money to make sure that amazon has that product.

Well, that’s now ten thousand eight hundred dollars right. So, even if you sell all this and you make a $ 1,200 profit, you can see that as you go along it’s. Gon na take you at this rate, okay selling it you know somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars a month worth of product; okay, it’s, still gonna take you months, okay months and months and months, maybe ten plus months, ten plus months.

Okay, to have basically a ten thousand dollar profit, okay, which you can then roll back into your product cost. So think about that. That means that you could legitimately be running an Amazon store for 10 11 12 months, be making a profit right, so actually be making money, but never have any of that money, because why? Well? Because that money is being reinvested into the growth being reinvested into the product being reinvested into having stuff to sell for the next couple of months and that’s.

What makes this so hard people always tell you? Oh, it’s, so easy you just do an Amazon store make a fortune that’s true, but you have to have cash flow right. You have to have enough money to be able to sink into it and leave it there.

For six, seven, eight nine months until you flip the script right until you’ve, now generated enough profit that you’re spending, your profit on now your inventory right with Amazon, and now it’s, bringing back in an Actual cash profit that you can use cash flow right.

This is something that a lot of beginners don’t understand is the cash flow of business. When I started my first, my first infomercial, which was you know a few years ago – and we were selling a book and we were selling it on television, we had to spend upwards of six to seven hundred thousand dollars, okay and that money stayed out for six To seven eight months before it flipped before we actually started making more money.

Okay, then we were spending and started bringing back in some of it, and so it’s very important as a beginner as somebody who’s just looking for okay, I want to start my own business online. I’m gonna make money on the internet.

How do I do this? You see everybody’s, telling you Amazon stores. This is the reason why people will do those done for you, Amazon stores. Why I mean people always say well? Why would they do a done-for-you Amazon store that’s gonna make all this money? Why not just do it themselves right? I had the same question and this is the answer it’s because of cash flow.

It’s because, instead of when somebody knows how to automate and handle an Amazon store and scale it right, what ends up happening is they run out of credit? They run out of ability, okay to front-load all this money, so it’s easier to go, get fifty people right that all have maybe 50,000 or $ 100,000 worth of credit that they can use to build up a store than it is for them To go, get five million dollars right and that’s.

The reason why you see a lot of people that are selling done-for-you Amazon packages, so is that a good business? Absolutely it’s, not like it’s a terrible business, but you have to understand that these are the things that could happen right and these are the little pitfalls that people don’t know about.

So why do I think there’s a better way? Well, it’s, because in the past I’ve, experienced more success as an affiliate. Then I have as an actual store owner. Let’s. Go back to my whiteboard and I’ll. Show you really fast what I’m talking about okay, so the affiliate model, all right, so the affiliate model for me makes more sense and the reason is is because you have the big companies okay, so you have a big company and this might Be like Amazon, okay, alright and they go out and they reach what we call affiliates right.

So these would be people just like you, so you can become an affiliate all right and then what the affiliate does is the affiliate sins, traffic, ok, so traffic and customers. All right, listen, traffic and customers to existing stores, and what Amazon does is they go back and they pay a commission? Ok, so they pay a commission on those sales.

So it makes it very easy. You basically become an affiliate. Ok and an affiliate is somebody who is able to promote Amazon stores. You’re able to market an Amazon store, just like you would your own. The difference is, is that you’re earning a commission from doing it.

Instead of having to go and buy all of these products and have a very small profit margin, you’re, not having to front-load any of the cost of the product. You can still earn 7. 10. 12 percent. I’ll. Show you right now let’s go to my computer, so this is Amazon’s website right here and if you scroll all the way down on Amazon’s website, you’re gonna find a button.

Ok, that a lot of people miss, so you look at all these buttons. You’ll, see you want to here. That says, become an affiliate. When you click on this button, you’ll, see you can earn up to 10 % in commissions by just simply sending Amazon customers right, so 7 % on Echo and Fire TV devices.

You can see right here. This is the profit like. This is the margin that they will give you right, and so what you can do is you can become an affiliate okay and in becoming an affiliate. You can earn money on anything that’s on Amazon, and this is something else that’s very important.

I’ve. Seen a lot of people get caught with this, they’ll, buy all these products right and then all of a sudden the trend will change. The fault will change something changes and then they’re stuck with all this inventory and they can’t sell it.

The great thing about being an affiliate is: is it somebody else’s inventory that you’re selling? You’re, not having to front-load it. You’re, not having to put any money into it. You’re, not having to go.

Spend money on product you don & # 39. T have to do all that logistical stuff. You don’t even have to worry about the competition, because you’re, not really even competing. You’re, able to just send customers to Amazon and get a commission, and that is something that I feel like if you’re a beginner and you want to get your you want to.

You know, put your foot in the water dip, your toes in the water, as they say, on building an online business being able to generate income being able to actually make money like this is how you do it, because this is the way that makes the most Sense to me, in fact, this is how I got started.

I got started online as an affiliate, and that was an affiliate of big banks, so what I was doing was was promoting chase and Amazon are not Amazon, chase and American, Express and in Bank of America, and all these big credit-card companies right and I was earning An insane amount of money from it, in fact, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna play a clip that I had a lot of success with this.

It’s. What started my success online and my someone came and they interviewed my dad about what I had done and I’m gonna. Let him kind of tell you a little bit about what I did and then also show you some of the checks that I earn, because this was back in like 2006 or so so as many many years ago.

But you’re gonna be shocked when you see six figure checks literally. What is that, like fifteen years ago or so fourteen years ago, I was earning six figures. Imagine what you can do now. I mean things have completely changed so check this out.

It would take you four out the way it still takes my breath away. He created the internet business that produced these checks, one hundred and one thousand a hundred and three thousand ninety four thousand.

Ninety thousand. We went from devastation to a Cinderella: lifestyle in just a few short months was. It was primarily developed to help this family there’s, so many others have benefited from it. Pretty cool stuff huh I mean look at the end of the day.

There’s, a lot of money to be made as an affiliate. There’s, a lot of people that are making money as an affiliate and ultimately it’s, just affiliate marketing. Is it’s like a staple it’s, something that’s, time-tested it’s been around for forever right over well over a decade decade and a half, and my first book was teaching people about go, Be an affiliate go.

Do this cuz it’s. A simple path, like I’m, all about like the simplest path to having success, the path of least resistance right like yes, I could go create this huge ecommerce store, but it’s a nightmare sometimes – and I know this from experience – You know you might be saying: okay Anthony well, what do you know about e-commerce? Well, I also started an e-commerce business when I back in 2006, when I first started my online business, I was already commerce business affiliate marketing business.

I grew my e-commerce business to 300,000 or so dollars a month in sales. The problem was, I was only making 10 % in making 10 % guess what I wasn’t really making a lot of money, but I was spending a ton of time on it.

I would much rather have the hundred and two hundred thousand dollar checks that you just saw and be spending a small fraction of that, like my profit, margin was in sometimes some months. Ninety percent right and I didn’t, have all the headaches with it and that’s.

What I really want to teach you how to do is how to become an affiliate. If you look below this video in the description you can follow me on Instagram, I’ll. Give you a ton of information, a ton of help on becoming an affiliate.

You can follow me on Facebook, and you can also get a copy of my free book. They kind of outlines the most essential steps that you need to take in order to being a successful affiliate right. So I think that that’s very, very important.

It’s completely free there’s, no shipping cost or anything like that. And then, of course, if you’d like to partner with me, I actually have a partner with Anthony program where I’ll literally partner with you.

I’ll work with you right and help you to build your very own affiliate marketing business, because I truly believe that that’s, the foundation that you really need in order to have massive success like that is the foundation that that That took me from from a kid in college that had absolutely no clue what I want to do with my life other than be a doctor like that was my my tunnel vision right, and it turned me on to this internet thing, which has grown.

We’ve done well over a hundred million dollars in sales and it all started with affiliate marketing. But here’s, the cool part it started back then with affiliate marketing, and today I still do affiliate marketing.

So, no matter what I’ll. What else you see me doing, like I’m, still doing affiliate marketing it’s here, to stay, it’s a staple and it’s. The best way, in my opinion, for you to get started, so there is a link you can get a copy of my book completely free and then I’ll.

Show you how you can actually partner with me to build your very own affiliate marketing business, your very own email list and to really get your feet wet and start doing this. There’s, a million other things that you can try to do online.

I’m, just telling you what was the simplest path to massive success for me and I truly believe it will be for you if you love this content, and you want to learn more from me. Click that subscribe button right now make sure that you follow me on Instagram get a copy of my book, and I look forward to teaching you more about how you can become a successful affiliate.

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